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New & Free: The Stress-Free Summit

Hello gorgeous,

Did you know that there is a direct link between chronic stress and weight gain?

When we live in a continuous state of stress, our bodies can get stuck in sympathetic survival mode. In this vicious cycle, digestion and sleep quality deteriorate, we are more susceptible to high blood pressure and weight gain, and the decision-making part of the brain shuts down.

Quickly, we spiral into overwhelm.

To bring our bodies back into a state of balance, we need to reset the nervous system. We need to guide ourselves back into “rest and digest.” In this parasympathetic state, the body and emotions gradually heal on every level.

Commune’s Stress-Free Summit is a FREE 10-day online program with a simple-yet-powerful purpose: To reset your nervous system using gentle, contemplative movement alongside guided meditation, visualization, and breathwork.

This free 10-day summit is your chance to:

  • Relieve mental, emotional, and physical stress

  • Improve clarity, focus, and sleep quality

  • Unwind overwhelm and meet challenges with newfound resilience

  • Enjoy more ease in your mind and body

  • Maintain a state of peace and balance every day

Featuring Yoga, Self-Care Classes & Meditations with:

Adriene Mishler, Schuyler Grant, Tracee Stanley, Michael B. Beckwith, Wim Hof, Colleen Saidman Yee, Nick Ortner, Koya Webb, Preethaji, Scott Schwenk, Light Watkins and Mary Beth LaRue.

Includes Bonus Lessons & Talks from:

Danielle LaPorte, Brendon Burchard, Pedram Shojai, Dr. Rebecca Branstetter, and Hala Khouri.

No yoga or meditation experience needed: All are welcome! These 10 daily soothing sessions are a great way to try a wide variety of techniques so you can discover tools you can use the rest of your life to reduce anxiety and overwhelm and experience lasting peace of mind.

The Stress-Free Summit Yoga & Meditation for Relaxation FREE from November 8-17.​ Enjoy a free 10-day virtual retreat with daily practices to reset your nervous system and soothe anxiety and overwhelm — in 20 minutes per day or less! Sign up now for free.


With love,

Vessie, Holistic Nutritionist & Weight loss specialist, B.Med.Sc.


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