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Stig Severinsen Breatheology Immune syst

An amazing GIFT from Stig Severinsen, Danish Biologist and 4-time world freediving champion and holder of multiple Guinness World Records – including Breath-holding world record - 22 minutes, (this is even difficult to comprehend.)

The Power of your breath for your immunity – Great course and eBook. What a gift!

In times of crisis, it is crucial to stay calm to guide yourself and your loved ones to safety.

The Breath Training in Corona Crisis™  course helps you strengthen your lungs and boost your immune system and is to be used in addition to best practices to stay healthy.

The breath and visualization exercises teach you how to Relax on Demand.

‘Everyone should have access to this knowledge. That's why I am giving my best-selling eBook on breathing and created a special course for free.’ Stig Severinsen. 

Please check and share it - This is a life-transforming knowledge.

Immune system

Health & 

Happiness Boost

Healthy Immune system Health cal control

3 Sessions - £136 only

Bonus - 60 quick & easy recipes

Lifetime knowledge& inspiration 

We can work over the Phone

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