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Weigh loss slim thin diet loose weight beautiful nourishment posiive mindset portion control menu planning
Lady's Bike
Menopause soothing, woman 40+ 50+ hot flashes, insomnia, tiredness, fatigue, night sweats, perimenopause, mood swings
Autoimmune thyroid Hashimoto, Graves' hypothyroidism, underactive thyroid hyperthyroidism diet Diabetes,prediabetes,bood sugar levels, Energy, Well-being, energy boost, tiredness, nutrition consultation
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Happier & Slimmer

8 Steps Program 

Happier & Slimmer 

Steps Program 




incl. Hashimoto and Pre-diabetes

Immune system

Health & 

Happiness Boost

Healthy Immune system Health cal control

3 Sessions - £136 only

Bonus - 60 quick & easy recipes

Lifetime knowledge& inspiration 

We can work over the Phone

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