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Corporate wellness

Katie, Positive Mindset Specialist and

Vessie, Holistic Nutritionist aim to transform the health and wellbeing of your employees through fun and interactive workshops and corporate wellbeing programmes. A healthy workforce is intrinsically linked to the success of an organisation and is increasingly a key factor in improved workplace productivity.

Over the past 13 years, Katie and Vessie have developed a powerful and effective skill-set translating and simplifying nutrition and wellbeing, making it both relevant and applicable to everyday lives. They will highlight small changes that your employees can make to their choices by implementing effective healthy eating & mind strategies,  that will make a huge difference to their energy and productivity.


Wellbeing workhops and webinars for employees:

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Some of the biggest issues affecting productivity amongst workforces today are:

  • low energy,

  • high levels of stress,

  • poor sleep and

  • compromised mental wellbeing.

Vessie and Katie are highly skilled in addressing these key areas of health. Their one hour, half-day or full-day workshops can take your employees through each of these issues, simplifying the scientific wellbeing concepts and translating this into practical advice that will support your employees in making suitable changes toward improved productivity, focus and sense of wellbeng.

Our most Popular Workshop - 

5 Steps to a Productive & Joyfull day

5 Steps for a Productive & Joyful day.jpg

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How to keep employees motivated and energised? What is it that everyone could do to improve self-motivation and positive image? It is important that you start the day in the right way – allow for positive thinking and intensions to set the direction. Supplement positive thinking with healthy and energising food, include regular energising routines and you have a winner.

•Learn what are the essential aspects that support increased performance, productivity and overall better focus and positive thinking throughout the day.

•Review and reassess your daily routines, identify which aspects each of your employees can imrove.

•Learn easy tips and tricks for a fulfilling daily routine and discuss how to integrate these in their everyday lives - both at work and at home.


Teams reflections:

Teams represent social systems complete with visible and invisible dynamics, spoken and unspoken hierarchies and rules, histories and futures. Being in a team is like entering a small universe, dynamic and still at the same time.

We offer our experience to help you reflect, in a positive and loving way, about your team. We can help you observe what is happening, what is visible and what is subtle.

We offer our support if you feel stuck with your team; in team discussions, for positive engagement and reflection processes or if you simply need an impartial moderator for brainstorming sessions.

In our work we use positive intelligence techniques, mindfulness, moving questions, systemic analysis to create new ideas and empower every team member.

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Custom/tailored services:

  • In addition to our standard programmes, we offer tailor-made services.

  • As an individual or as a team you may use our service portfolio and our background as an inspiration and ask us to develop something new for you that matches better your needs.

  • We follow a thorough needs analysis process which includes also contracting to arrive to the objectives for your learning experience prior to developing the specific content.

  • We guarantee attentive listening, flexible, calm and caring approach throughout the whole journey with us.

  • Whether online or face-to-face, we want to see a smile at the end of your experience with us!

  • #IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the work place and beyond. Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe have already attended the workshops. If you feel you need to become stronger and more confident with sharing your achievements, this workshop is for you!

  • You can sign up and attend the regular workshops by signing up here. The workshop takes 1,5 hours. 


​Katie offers:

  • Extensive experience in workshop moderation/facilitation

  • Skilled in workshop design (face-to-face and online)

  • Skilled in relations management and participative engagement

  • Certified in change management and change management processes

  • Experienced in leadership management

  • Strong coaching experience based on positive intelligence, mindfulness, constellations and social presencing theatre techniques

  • Experience with team/ group psychology formation

Certified facilitator, also with #IamRemarkable initiative


Our team is here to provide guidance and leadership, and help create an environment of acceptance, gratitude and positivity on our retreats. Learn more about our talented and inspirational team below.

More about us:

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