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FREE Tame your CRAVINGS workshop

14 July @ 7pm GMT

You will learn how to: 
1/ Set Free from 
your Cravings  
2/ Improve your
weight &  blood sugar levels

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What are we striving for together?

As a Holistic Nutritionist & NHS Diabetes practitioner,

I offer an empowering and transformative long-term diet and lifestyle change to people with Type 2 Diabetes, aiming to achieve healthy lasting weight loss and Type 2 Diabetes remission

As a positive side effect and an integral part of my compassionate & inspiring approach clients become more confident, fulfilled, and energetic. Thus, they enjoy more thriving years with their loved ones and achieve more in their professional life. 

It can be hard to achieve & maintain all these changes on your own without clear structure, skilful guidance, and accountability.

Unfortunately, there Is a lot of pressure on the NHS and the waiting times might be too long for a lot of people currently.

Slimmer & Happier program clinic, is a winning combo of

  1. Healthy meals,

  2. Enjoyable movements &

  3. Clear structure & motivation (the right mindset for success)

Delivered in a 1:1 & Group online session format.

Step by step clients learn:

  • How to create healthy tasty meals, 

  • How to release stress & emotional eating,

  • How to get a good structure of their days,

  • They get professional support on their path to remission and/or lasting weight loss based on my experience with 100s patients.

Delivered from the comfort of your home, online, over Zoom or face to face.

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Who is it for? Women and men who struggle with:

  • Insulin Resistance/High Blood sugar levels

  • Pre-/Diabetes

  • Extra Weight

  • Tiredness

  • Bloating

  • Cravings

  • Lower Self-esteem

  • Brain fog

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NHS Diabetes Practitioner,
Weight-loss and Mindset Coach

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  • Feeling Confident

  • Thinking clearly

  • Dropping a few dress sizes

  • Liking your image in the mirror

  • Getting compliments for your look

What we can achieve

  • Healthy blood sugar levels

  • Losing Weight for good

  • Having more Energy and

  • Flatter tummy

  • Enjoying meals without worrying about your waistline

We all are beautiful!

I will help you easily get Slimmer, Happier & Confident. 
You deserve it! ❤



Hi, I am Vessie. It is very nice to meet you!

I am Holistic Nutritionist B.Med.Sc. (Hons),  NHS Diabetes Practitioner, and Weight loss & Mindset Coach. I graduated Medical University more than 20 years ago. 

I love helping women and men get healthier and thriving. I do it with my heart. It is so rewarding to have heard and to continue to hear genuine positive feedback. This undertaking is ever so significant to me as I myself threaded the path towards healing when I was diagnosed with a life-threatening Thyroid condition in my early 30ies (post-Chernobil generation). I learned the hard way how vitally important keeping good health is and I am now wholeheartedly prepared to share both my knowledge and experience with you.

I am also a mum of a very active child, a wife and a busy working woman. 

My friends and clients say that I am a very gentle and caring person. They often comment on the empathy and helpful practical advice I offer them. Many of them say that talking to me, even about serious problems, feels like a relaxation session. I am blessed to have many wonderful clients and fantastic friends :-)

​To reiterate, I am Nutritionist BUT such who offers an approach rather different from the mainstream one. Thus, what is the meaning of a Holistic Nutritionist? Simply explained, this is a specialist who views health and healing from a whole-person perspective, starting with examining the mental and social, the emotional and environmental aspects that are interplaying in any person’s life, and proceeding to improve eating and life habits to ultimately bringing health benefits that stay.

I will not offer you yet another diet, but so much more - healing and adding goodness to your life. We will focus not on restrictions and deprivation but on adding:

  • Positive mindset

  • Nourishment, and

  • A real sense of well being.

Our joint efforts will feel like a Spa for your soul, mind and body. Our bodies are our temples and we will be so much better served if we treat them as a dear friend - with respect and love.

I can help you with:

  • Achieving Weight Loss for Life

  • Countering Pre-/Diabetes

  • Soothing Menopause symptoms

  • Overcoming Thyroid autoimmune conditions - Hashimoto, Graves, Hypothyroidism, etc.

  • Improving Energy levels and general health.

Drawing on your inherent wisdom, we will work in a collaborative manner to bridge the gap between your current state and the future better you. For me personally, it is such a joy to see my clients get their health back and feel happy and confident again.

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How I Can Help You

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Happier & Slimmer

8 Steps Program 

Happier & Slimmer

5 Steps Program 



Insulin Resistance 

Pre-/T2 diabetes

Blueberries and Strawberries Pancakes


Weigh loss slim happy healthy happier co

Anna, 41 y/o, Mum of 2

The Happier & Slimmer Program in 12 steps has completely changed my life.

I've lost 9 kg in a few months. I feel like I can move mountains now - I have so much energy, my skin is glowing, I feel confident and so much happier.

Vessie helped me to believe in myself. Step by stepI I prove to myself everyday, that I can do more.

Jane,  39 y/o, Account manager

Not craving 'junk food' any more is so motivating and liberating. I have to thank Vessie for the transformation. Following the Happier & Slimmer prgram was the best decision for my health & self-esteem

Kate, 46 y/o, Team leader

What I like most about Vessie, is her attentivness and how she tailors her advice to my needs. I felt very supported and taken care of. I have a lot of energy and sleep like a baby now.

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